Banking the Unbanked: One Size Does Not Fit All



Eva Blum
Executive Vice President,
Director, Community Affairs
PNC Bank

Celie Niehaus
Managing Vice President, Retail Bank Chief Compliance Officer
Capital One

The Honorable Oliver Wonekha
Embassy of the Republic of Uganda


Session Leaders

Judy Chapa
Vice President, Community Services
The Financial Services Roundtable
United States of America

Corey Carlisle
Senior Vice President, Bank Community Engagement
American Bankers Association
United States of America

William Cheeks
ABBA Associates Inc.
United States of America

Brad Hanson
President, Meta Payment Systems
EVP, MetaBank and Meta Financial Group
United States of America

Tahira Hira
Professor and Executive Assistant 
  to the President
Iowa State University
United States of America

Tishaura Jones
City of St. Louis
United States of America 

Erwin Reeves
Senior VP and CRA Manager
Mechanics Bank
United States of America 

Luke Reynolds
Chief, Outreach and Program Development, Division of Depositor and Consumer Protection
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
United States of America

Hayden Rogers
Chief of Staff
Office of Senator Joe Manchin
United States of America

Clifford Rosenthal
Assistant Director, Financial Empowerment
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
United States of America

Steve Wilcox
Wilcox Family Foundation
United States of America

The 2013 Global Summit working group sessions will provide private sector best practices and public sector policy building blocks necessary for expanding Silver Rights, free enterprise and capitalism for all. Working group sessions are led by co-chairs and session leaders in breakout salons where summit delegates, representing over twenty-five (25) countries from the; community, faith, private and government sectors will share thoughts and best practices under the theme Global Economic Recovery: How the Poor Can Help Save Capitalism.

The Global summit working group sessions will focus on “solutions-only” dialog that will result in promising ideas, strategies and policy recommendations to G20 leaders. The 2013 Global Summit working group session topics will consist of:

1. Banking the Unbanked: One Size Does Not Fit All
2. Making Finance Mobile:  Banking with Any Device, Anywhere for Everyone
3. Youth Economic Energy and Understanding the Entrepreneurship Paradigm
4. The True Cost of Disaster Preparedness – Unprepared and Prepared
5. Building a Framework for Change Through Philanthropy
6. Sustainable Finance (Access to Capital)
7. The Power of Good Credit, (Growing jobs in emerging markets)
8. Building Wealth through Homeownership, Post Crisis

Banking the Unbanked: One Size Does Not Fit All

Operation HOPE and our partners realize there is no one panacea for the problem of providing banking to the unbanked. According to research, one size does not fit all, because there are many types of poor people. Our basic approach is to develop lasting solutions, which address the needs of the many segments of the poor who live in unique circumstances and economic conditions.

While participating in mainstream banking may have substantial benefits, a bank account alone is only one of many solutions available to the unbanked. A better measure determines whether participants have acquired the necessary financial skills and tools needed to make better decisions on their own.

This workshop seeks to go well beyond the mere creation of bank accounts in poor communities, which until now, has been the primary measure of success for most financial literacy programs.