Youth Economic Energy and Understanding the Entrepreneurship Paradigm


Philippe Bourguignon
Vice Chairman
Revolution Places

Curley M. Dossman, Jr.
President, Georgia-Pacific Foundation
Chairman, 100 Black Men of America
United States of America

Tim Wennes
Vice Chairman and Chief Retail
  Banking Officer
Union Bank
United States of America

Session Leaders 

Clyde Anderson
Chief Thinker
Clyde Speaks
United States of America

Brandon Busteed
Executive Director, Gallup Education
Gallup, Inc.
United States of America

James Calvin
Associate Professor, Carey Business School
Johns Hopkins University
United States of America

Ed Baker
Atlanta Business Chronicle
United States of America

Boikai Cummings
Invictus Africa
South Africa

Derek Dingle
Senior Vice President/Editor-in-Chief
Black Enterprise Magazine
United States of America

Tammy Edwards
Assistant Vice President,
  Community Development
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
United States of America

Samuel Jackson
Founder, Chairman, and CEO, The Economic Empowerment Initiative, Inc.
U.S. Department of Treasury
United States of America

Jamail Larkins
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Ascension Aviation, LLC
United States of America

Allen Smith
West Learning Community
United States of America

James Wells
Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
SunTrust Banks, Inc.
United States of America

Doris Terry Williams
Executive Director
Rural School and Community Trust (Rural Trust)
United States of America

The 2013 Global Summit working group sessions will provide private sector best practices and public sector policy building blocks necessary for expanding Silver Rights, free enterprise and capitalism for all. Working group sessions are led by co-chairs and session leaders in breakout salons where summit delegates, representing over twenty-five (25) countries from the; community, faith, private and government sectors will share thoughts and best practices under the theme Global Economic Recovery: How the Poor Can Help Save Capitalism.

The Global summit working group sessions will focus on “solutions-only” dialog that will result in promising ideas, strategies and policy recommendations to G20 leaders. The 2013 Global Summit working group session topics will consist of:

1. Banking the Unbanked: One Size Does Not Fit All
2. Making Finance Mobile:  Banking with Any Device, Anywhere for Everyone
3. Youth Economic Energy and Understanding the Entrepreneurship Paradigm
4. The True Cost of Disaster Preparedness – Unprepared and Prepared
5. Building a Framework for Change Through Philanthropy
6. Sustainable Finance (Access to Capital)
7. The Power of Good Credit, (Growing jobs in emerging markets)
8. Building Wealth through Homeownership, Post Crisis


Youth Economic Energy and Understanding the Entrepreneurship Paradigm

New businesses, according to virtually all economists, are exceptional at alleviating poverty over the long term.  Young people seeking social change and upward mobility are a prime segment for developing new entrepreneurs.  Policymakers and global leaders need to focus on increasing the quantity and quality of young entrepreneurs.  Unfortunately, according to research, government tax policies often deter the entrepreneurial spirit.

As a part of developing a strategy for business growth, it is necessary to identify optimal tax levels, which encourage business development, and policies, which provide access to diverse resources for entrepreneurship opportunities.

This workshop seeks to identify ways to empower the youth who will be our next generation of business builders, so that communities can ignite and sustain long-term economic energy.